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The Vision

As a purpose-led organization with a company mission of Transforming Communities for a Vibrant Tomorrow, Cadillac Fairview has developed a vision to transform the parking lot into a lively, mixed-use, connected district for the current and future citizens of Pointe-Claire. With deep roots in the community for the last 57 years, the proposed development will act as an anchor for the shopping centre, ensuring a link between the bustling interior and the vast public gathering green space, optimizing a multi-modal transportation connection to the rest of Montreal through the future Metropolitan Express Network (REM).

Some of the highlights for the site include:

  • A thoughtful outdoor space

  • Urban rooftop gardens

  • Local services and shops, including a grocery store

  • Large fenestrated housing units with deep balconies:

  • 900 surface parking spaces transformed to add housing units to the market

  • A short distance walk from the future REM station.

At the core of what we have always tried to accomplish is bringing people together through the built environment.

Shopping centers are a destination where people connect and we want to continue to provide that connection in the new development with the creation of a distinctive outdoor space, framed by the proximity of the new buildings, and animated by events throughout the year.

Local services will be walking distance from the residences where they will be able to pick up fresh produce after work or hangout with friends on one of the patios at a restaurant around the corner.

The units being designed will have deep balconies and large fenestration, offering more usable space and ideally enhancing the quality of life of the residents residing there.

The transformation of the parking lot, and its 900 surface parking spaces, into a mixed use development not only reduces our heat island footprint, but encourages public transportation and well-being with the use of the REM.

The Opportunity

“First we shape the cities – then they shape us.” -Jan Gehl

Having been in the city of Pointe-Claire for the last 57 years, we have an opportunity to shape a development that is both inspiring and thoughtful in its design for the current and future citizens at the heart of the city.

With immediate impacts of reducing a heat island, bringing life to a rather lifeless parking lot, and creating housing opportunities, the development addresses various issues and sets out to be an example of how to responsibly develop for our collective future.

The first phase of the development will consist of 3 buildings, a public plaza and a parking garage, detailed further below:

Seniors’ residences

  • 20 storeys

  • Underground parking – 2 storeys

Multi-residential building #1

  • Rental– 25 storeys

  • Underground parking – 2 storeys

Multi-residential building #2

  • Rental– 25 storeys

  • Underground parking – 2 storeys

Shopping Centre Parking Deck

  • 4 storeys

Public Plaza

  • 50,000 SF

Located on a magnificent public plaza, open to the public, and connected to the REM station, these new buildings would ensure a remarkable quality of life for those who live there. With walking-distance access to local services such as an organic grocery store, pharmacy, various restaurants and additional services to come, the development fosters a local accessible, feel all the while being connected to a larger network.

The heart of the project:

A lively public square for the community to enjoy

Designed by Claude Cormier, the plaza is the piece de resistance of the development, connecting old and new, creating a place for citizens to just be. The plaza, and surrounding area, will be open to the community year-round with the vision of it being an urban ecosystem for all to enjoy.

Read your favourite book under the tree canopy to the sound of the water feature, walk your dog, or spend the afternoon embracing the hustle and bustle while a local artist plays guitar, the plaza has been curated to be a place of assemblage for all to embrace.


The size of a football field, the plaza aims to be a place of assembly amongst nature. The 40 various native species of trees (alongside the other 48 other trees to be planted on the rest of the phase 1 site) have been carefully curated to avoid monoculture, creating a diverse canopy of dense foliage coverage.

Several native species and deciduous trees.

A variety of conifers adapted to the urban conditions of the site.

Each tree will be planted in a volume of 25 m3 of soil to ensure healthy growth.

Presence, under the canopy of tall trees, along with a flowering shrub layer to attract pollinators (insects and birds).

Reduction of heat island.


The large outdoor space created to encourage social connection and community through both private and public curated events such as:

  • Concerts

  • Exhibits

  • Civic celebrations

  • Christmas markets

  • Artist Exposés

  • Farmer/Local Market stands

  • Recreation

An urban oasis tucked between the mall and the new construction, giving new life to a concrete slab and offering another way to engage with the community and bring people together.


The project emphasizes sustainable transportation, i.e. walking, cycling, public transportation (REM and bus), an essential characteristic of a TOD-type development, as required by the Metropolitan Land Use and Development Plan (MLUDP) of the Montreal Metropolitan Community.

The project would be carried out near Highway 40 and very far from residential neighbourhoods and therefore would have little to no impact on them.

Conducive to an interesting community life, this living environment would include:

Friendly spaces open to the entire population and emphasizing the pedestrian experience:

  • Large sidewalks

  • Bike paths

  • Parking for bikes

  • Self-serve bicycle service

The Location

The project is located in the existing parking lot of CF Fairview Pointe Claire.

The initial phase of the project is located in the South-West part of the parking lot (identified in red below) and will constitute in transforming 900 parking spaces from an existing *heat island* into an animated, multi-generational community hub that will integrate and compliment the mall as well as be a pillar for the rest of the redevelopment.

birds eye view of project site from satellite image. The project boundaries are highlighted in red.


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About CF

Cadillac Fairview is a globally focused owner, operator, investor, and developer of best-in-class real estate across retail, office, residential, industrial and mixed-use asset classes. CF is wholly owned by the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan.

Cadillac Fairview’s history as a builder is rooted in developing lively and diverse communities. Public interest lies at the heart of every project we do. In Pointe-Claire, we want to continue contributing sustainably to the city’s development in collaboration with the municipality, as we have done for the last 57 years.

We are proud of our past and confident in our future and will continue to carry on the tradition of thoughtful developments for generations to enjoy.