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Is the project on the Fairview Forest site?

This project will be between the mall and Reno-Depot – not across the street on the John Abbott College lands or better known as Fairview Forest. The land was acquired by CF in 2013 from SmartCentres, who had plans of building box retailers on the site like Wal-Mart. Prior to SmartCentres ownership, the land was slated to be the John Abbott College campus that we all know today being in St—Anne-de-Bellevue, QC.

This location has elicited a lot of interest from citizens, many of whom have suggested that we develop the parking lot of our shopping center instead. We have heard from local citizens, and this is precisely what we propose to do with our request for approval of architectural plans that we submitted in July 2021.


Why 25 stories?

Our project is in accordance with the PMAD, which is the Metropolitan Land Use and Development Plan of the Montreal Metropolitan Community, which has undertaken a modern and progressive model for the development of its territory by increasing the density of certain areas.

To do this, the PMAD recommends higher density transit-oriented development (TOD) projects in certain areas, precisely like our property and our project.

A TOD is a medium-to high-density real estate development, structured around a high-capacity public transit station, such as the Réseau express métropolitain (REM).

Located within walking distance of a major access point to the public transport network, it is a neighborhood that combines active travel, social diversity, and urban design and encourages public transportation.

In practice, a TOD responds to the changes in value expressed by the population in terms of sustainable development.

With our project, Pointe-Claire has a golden opportunity to meet the growing need for housing while also fulfilling its obligations under the PMAD, all without impacting other lower density residential July 2021.

Legal Proceedings

Why is CF pursuing legal action towards the City of Pointe-Claire?

For six (6) years now, we have been working with municipal services and representatives from the City of Pointe-Claire to redevelop a significant portion of the parking lot at our CF Fairview Pointe Claire shopping centre into a unique, dynamic and attractive living environment.

Despite a request for the approval of site planning and architectural integration plans (SPAIP) submitted in July 2021, the City adopted, in February 2022, an interim control resolution that freezes construction of our project.

The submission was in accordance with the existing guidelines of the special urban planning program (SUP) on the city’s downtown that came into force in 2018 as well as municipal planning regulations and should have been presented to the urban planning advisory committee (Comité consultatif d’urbanisme, CCU) in March 2022.

This about-face by the City is highly detrimental and fraught with consequences. Unfortunately, our meeting requests to discuss this situation openly and transparently have gone unanswered.

Continuing with the way we have done things in the community since our arrival 57 years ago now, we have tried on many occasions - and still try - to speak to and collaborate with municipal authorities. Despite our initiatives and the absence of any possibility of interaction with municipal authorities, we have no choice but to take measures to protect our rights.

We were therefore forced to seek relief from the Quebec Superior Court in order to file a motion for judicial review in which we ask that one article of the interim control resolution be declared unenforceable against the project, that another be canceled and that the City be forced to resume the process of approving it.


How can I get involved?

Over the coming months there will be various ways to participate on the project and its future phases. Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

  • Subscribe at the top of this section to receive updates
  • Participate and comment on the Feedback page of this site on various topics

  • Check back here and then for project updates and new questions for the community
  • Get the word out by sharing with your coworkers, family, and friends about this site and the opportunity to participate to create the best development for Pointe-Claire
  • If you believe in this project as much as we do, leave a testimonial so we can count you in as a neighborhood ally!


How can I support the project?

It is possible to show your support by commenting on the website in the "Feedback" section. You can also write to your district counselor to emphasize your opinion.